Tennessee v. Byrd

In September 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court granted Cert to Tennessee Wine & Spirit Retailers Association v. Clayton Byrd (Tennessee v Byrd). Below is a record of the case and media coverage of the case.


District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee
District Court Decision (Judge Sharp) 4/14/17

Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
Oral Arguments 11/20/17
Circuit Court Decision (2/21/18)

United States Supreme Court
Granholm v. Heald (2005)
TN Retailers Assoc Petition for Writ of Certiorari (7/20/18)
Total Wine Reply to Petition for Cert in Opposition (8/16/18)
TN Retailers Reply to Total on Cert (9/4/18)
SCOTUS: Certiorari Granted (9/27/18)
Tennessee Wine & Spirit Retailers SCOTUS Brief (11/16/180


IN SUPPORT OF APPELLANT (TN Wine & Spirit Retailers)
Alcohol Policy Alliance
National Conference of State Legislatures
American Beverage Licensees
Center for Alcohol Policy
Wine & Spirit Wholesalers of America
Tennessee Wine & Spirit Wholesalers
Open Markets
National Beer Wholesalers of America
National Alcohol Beverage Control States
Thirty-Four States
Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers
Major Brands
KHBC Partners
Consumer Action


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