About the NAWR

The NAWR Mission The National Association of Wine Retailers represents and promotes the unique interests of wine sellers nationwide. Through advocacy, education and research, NAWR seeks to expand the opportunities for America’s wine retailers whether they serve the wine buying public via small brick and mortar establishments, large retail chains, Internet-based businesses, grocery stores, auction houses or clubs. NAWR seeks to unite and serve wine retailing interests by proving essential services, strategic advocacy, and calls to action that will lead to a stable and modernized wine retailing environment.

NAWR Goals

  1. Expand legal wine retailer access to the marketplaces

    Arbitrary and archaic laws and regulations built for an era that no longer exists hamper wine retailers’ abilities to access modern and growing marketplaces locally and nationally as well as the consumers that make up those marketplaces. NAWR works to overcome unfair, arbitrary and archaic market access and distribution laws in order to create a fair and level playing field where wine retailers can legally respond to customer demand

  2. Modernize the regulatory environment to provide retailers more flexibility in pursing success

    Numerous arbitrary and archaic laws hinder the ability of retailers to function economically and effectively in a modern marketplace. The various laws concerning the issuance of credit to retailers, the central warehousing of inventory and prohibitions on how and where retailers can procure legal products are too often measures that serve to protect one groups interests while hindering others. NAWR seeks to remove these arbitrary and protectionist obstacles to operating in a modern marketplace.

  3. Provide useful member benefits

    NAWR is committed to developing and delivering a set of member benefits uniquely useful to the wine retailer and their employees.

  4. Initiate and sustain useful dialogue among members

    More than at any other time, as means of communicating evolve more quickly and markets and industries try to respond, communication among wine retailers is critical to the industry’s collective development and well being. NAWR through social networking and communications to its members to inspire dialogue that will result in collective action.

  5. Provide ongoing education and business resources for members

    NAWR is committed to providing its members with access to actionable information about their industry, its laws and regulations, developments in the economy and related areas of interest that creates wine retailers better able to succeed in a growing and more complex and heavily regulated marketplace.

  6. Increase the understanding of wine retailer issues and concerns among members of the alcohol beverage industry

    Members of the wine retail sector do not reside and work in a vacuum. Their success is bound up with the success of the entire industry. For this reason, NAWR seeks to work with and communicate with other members of the alcohol beverage industry, federal and state regulators, the media and consumers.