Member Benefits

In addition to being the premier advocates of America’s progressive wine retailers, NAWR delivers its members the following money-saving benefits


BEVSITES – Ecommerce Site Design


40% Discount on Design and implementation of a BevSite wine retailer E-commerce site template
20% Discount on custom design Ecommerce wine retailer website

Founded in 2003, BevSites focuses specifically on digital solutions to enable wine and spirits retailers to sell to consumers online–primarily by offering an eCommerce website platform.  Over the years, BevSites has seen its client list grow from a fledgling group comprised of some of the earliest retailers selling wine online to an assortment of 200+ businesses. CLICK To Download the BevSites comparison of template and custom website design options.

Federal Express – Shipping and Shipping Services



Up to 50% off FedEx Express Shipping
Up to 22% off FedEx Ground Shipping
Up to 16% off FedEx Home Delivery Shipping
67% off the Adult Signature Requirement Fee

FedEx is America’s largest common carrier, Due to our partnership with FedEx, NAWR Members receive significant discounts on FedEx shipping services. In many cases, the savings on shipping will more than pay for a member’s annual association dues. To learn more about the FedEX/NAWR shipping program, visit the FedEx Member Benefits Page.


The elegant, safe, airline-approved and convenient Transbottle Carrier is the best-of-class wine carrier for retailers and consumers who travel and want to protect their wine. Offered in 1,3 and six bottle configurations, the Transbottle carrier protects against accidents, temperature fluctuations and is TSA-approved. Transbottle is offering NAWR members with dealer pricing on all three models with only a six-unit minimum purchase. These are the best prices offered in the United States. Download the brochure, call TransbottleUSA and tell them you are a member of the NAWR.


MERCHANT23 — Nationwide Wholesale Beverage Marketplace

Merchant23 supports NAWR members by offering a 10% discount on all of the products in the Merchant23 Marketplace. Simply enter the NAWR provided PROMO code at checkout. Call 707-266-1449 for the NAWR Promo Code.

Through Merchant23, Buyers can instantly source and purchase wholesale products not listed in their in-state distributors’ books using Merchant23’s nationwide network of clearing distributors. All costs (shipping, clearing, excise taxes) are Built into the landed prices. As for payment? With Merchant23, Buyer’s gain a competitive advantage by bringing in exclusive products, products with higher margins, and products better suited to their specific customers’ needs.  Download the Merchant23 Buying Guide.