Virtual Summit Videos

Below are videos of the sessions presented at the NAWR Wine Retailer Shipping Summit.

Tom Wark reviews the regulatory landscape for wine retailer shipping, the state of the various lawsuits as well as legislative efforts underway to change the protectionist laws in various states that prohibit wine retailer shipping.


Dave Parker, president of the NAWR and founder of Benchmark Wines gives and overview of the NAWR, its history, advocacy efforts and benefits for members.


Sean O’Leary, founder of O’Leary Law Group, provides a review of the key legal issues surrounding wine retailer shipping, looks at a number of lawsuits challenging protectionist laws in various states and discusses the interplay of the 21st Amendment and the Commerce Clause.


A review of the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on wine retailers with Jamie Wolff, partner at Chambers Street Wines; Justin Hammer, CEO of B-21 Wines; Randy Kemner of The Wine Country; and John Moramarco, principle at BW 166. This session looks at how three retailers have been impacted, with a round up of sales data from Moramarco.


Ben Aneff and Harmon Skurnik, both board members of the United States Wine Trade Alliance, give an update of tariffs on EU wines, what comes next and discusses the effort to remove tariffs on wines coming into the United States.


Nick Martin of Wine Owners and Marck Goodfriend of 24Seven Connect provide a round up of the current state of technology aimed at progressive wine retailers.


Forrester report on the future of business operating systems (what we think of today as ERPs): 


Wine Owners 

The Hub business operating system: 

Compliance, tax and shipping 


John Hinman, Founding Partner of Hinman & Carmichael, Hinman & Carmichael partner Sara Mann and Joshua Lawrence of Hodgson Russ, LLP discuss the intricacies of taxation, logistics and terms of agreement relative to wine retailer shipping.