NAWR tracks numerous bills across the states every year. On this page, we list those bills to which we are paying particularly close attention. Click on the title of the bill to go to the bill page.


A5991 — NEW YORK
A bill allowing out-of-state wine retailers to ship to New York residents.

Background: Under A5991 wine retailers in states that allow New York wine retailers to ship to into the state would be authorized to ship wine to New York residents.

Position: Support

Status: Awaiting hearing date after January 1, 2018.


A bill to allow wine shipments to Connecticut consumers from out-of-state wine retailers

Background: Under SB 534, wine retailers located outside Connecticut would be allowed to obtain a permit to ship wine to Connecticut consumers under the same conditions that out-of-state wineries may currently ship. This would include obtaining a shipping permit, remitting sales taxes to the state, assuring a signature is obtained before deliver.

Position: Support

Status: Scheduled for a hearing in the Joint Finance Committee on April 2.