2024 NAWR Summit Presentations

The State of Retailer Shipping
Tom Wark, NAWR

Legal and Litigation Update
Gillian Garrett, Gillian Garrett Law

Compliance and Logistics: WeShip Express
Marc Goodfriend

Compliance and Logistics: VinoShipper
Steven Harrison, VinoShipper

Neo-Prohibitionism: The W.H.O., What and Why and How the Industry Can Fight Back
Gino Colangelo, Colangelo & Partners

State of the American Wine Marketplace—Tariffs
Ben Aneff, Tribeca Wine Merchants

State of the American Wine Marketplace—Fine Wine Marketplace
Robbie Stevens, Liv-Ex

State of the American Marketplace—The Broad Market
Monika Elling, Foundations Marketing Grou

Connecting With Millennial and Gen Z Audiences
Erica Duecy, Business of Wine