Release Date May 07, 2010

National Association of Wine Retailers Launches Website Opposing Wine Legislation in Congress

H.R. 5034 Threatens To Harm Wineries and Consumer Access to Wine   (SACRAMENTO, Calif)—In an effort to organize opposition to the anti-consumer, anti-wine industry bill H.R. 5034 recently introduced into Congress, National Association of Wine Retailers (NAWR) has launched the website: StopHR5034.Org. The website provides extensive information on the damage H.R. 5034 will do to… Read more »

Released On April 22, 2010

Specialty Wine Retailers Condemn Distributor Bid to Ban Wine Shipping

(Sacramento, CALIF)—National Association of Wine Retailers Executive Director Tom Wark issued the following statement today condemning the cynical power grab by alcohol wholesalers in the form of the recently introduce H.R. 5034, a bill now in congress that would lead to severe restrictions on wine retailer shipping, irreparably damage to America’s thriving wine industry and… Read more »

Released On April 01, 2009

Michigan Wine Lovers Lose Access To 1000s of Wines Today

—State Abandon’s Opportunity To Raise Millions in Tax Revenue— (Sacramento, CALIF)—Michigan wine consumers today lost access to thousands of wines at the same time the state will forgo millions of dollars in tax revenue at a time when it is desperately needed. Today is the first day Michigan will begin enforcing a law that prevents… Read more »