For Immediate Release: April 11, 2012

National Wine Retailers Organization Chooses New Officers and Sets Policy Agenda

(Sacramento, CALIF)—The National Association of Wine Retailers (NAWR) today announced the election of a new Board of Directors and officers of the national retailer advocacy group for the 2012-2013 term. Daniel Posner, owner of Grapes the Wine Company in New York, was elected the NAWR’s new president. Keith Wollenberg of K&L Wine Merchants was elected… Read more »

Release Date July 11, 2011

Alcohol Wholesalers Contribute Over $82 Million Toward Political Influence Since 2006

—Alcohol Wholesaler Lobbying and Contributions Dwarf Rest of Industry— (Sacramento, CA)—A new report issued today by the National Association of Wine Retailers shows that wine wholesalers have spent more than $82 million dollars on state and federal campaign contribution and federal lobbying over just the past three election cycles from 2006 through 2010. The amount… Read more »

Release Date November 29, 2010

Supreme Court Asked to Hear Wine Shipping Case

—Are Wineries but not Wine Stores Covered by the Commerce Clause— (Sacramento, CALIF)—In asking the Supreme Court of the United States to grant a review of the case of Wine Country Gift Baskets v. Steen, a coalition of American wine retailers hopes the high court will to bring a definitive end to the ongoing interstate… Read more »